Simone Bianchini | Floral Designer

Simone Bianchini born in Rome in 1976 - is an eclectic designer and lover of detail.
He designs with personality and elegance floral sceneries and floral decorations for Exposures, Events, Fashion, Photo shoots (the latest in Renato Balestra Pleasure clothes for which she has made special Floral Hats), Boutique, Hotel and Wedding Parties.
Since 2015 he is the Official Floral Designer for Alitalia Airport Lounges in Rome Fiumicino.
The collaboration with the Airline Company began in June of the same year for the international event that celebrated the Alitalia-Etihad merger.
On this occasion,
Simone has made a 70-mt buffet set-up inside a hangar. He also took care of the start-up of the new Casa Alitalia Lounge in Milan Malpensa.


After attending the Milan School of Floral Art, Simone Bianchini returns to Rome and in 2012 begins his career by creating an original boutique where he sold Wine, Flowers and Chocolate: "This is my art ... Love for Nature, spirit of observation, attention to detail and a distinctive aesthetic sense are the ingredients which characterize my creativity. "
Designer and floral artist, Bianchini is able to represent, through his creations, all possible emotions without the need for words, but simply using the language of the flowers that create and communicate to him.
Designer of extremely elegant floral set-ups , in his work simplicity and naturalness blend with creativity and elegance. Always attentive to the latest trends in the Art-decor field and always searching for new things to create shapes and colors through nature, enhancing the hidden soul of each location and composing site specific installations. Every event tells a different story and every set is interpreted by Simone with great care and with a studio to exalt every kind of occasion.
The stage of listening and design is at the base of all his work: "Give to receive! I like to reinterpret and sometimes overthrow the requests people are amking. To follow them would mean to me to be a mere performer, and that would not give me the chance to leave an impression in the realization of every floral design. " Care for detail and excellent manuality are, in fact, its stylistic figures.
Experiment of new materials for floral assemblages and floristry ready to engage the spectator and excite him in his own environment. Nature becomes sculptural material and shows itself through perfumes and shapes. Living art for lovers of beauty that makes every occasion unique and inimitable.
"To gratify and thrill with flowers, embellish an indelible memory are the reasons why I chose my profession."

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